Excel and Selective Schools Program

Our Excel classes are available for grades 3 - 10 formulated specifically for high achieving students.

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What is Excel?

The Excel program at Dymocks Tutoring is for high achieving students looking to be pushed further in their studies. Excel ensures your child gets the experience and attention they need to see results in the class room.

The Excel program is available for English and Maths for students in Grades 3 through to 10. Entry into the excel stream requires students to sit an entry exam for English and Maths.
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Selective Schools Tutoring from Dymocks Tutoring

If you are looking for quality selective schools tutoring for your high achieving child that’s integrated into their school syllabus – They Dymocks Tutoring selective schools program could be the one for you. Getting ahead in the selective schools test, requires practice across reading and writing, thinking skills and mathematics. We build reading and writing components into our excel English classes, and build Mathematics into our Excel maths classes, whilst offering specific one hour sessions to build our students ability in Thinking Skills.

Students who are looking to take the selective schools test in Year 6 can be assured.

For students who are looking to succeed in the selective schools test, the Excel program for selective schools tutoring will give our Grade 4 and 5 students the experience and skills they need to go into the test with confidence.

The Excel Program for Selective Schools Coaching

Our Excel program is for high achieving students in grades 3-10 who want to perform better in English and Maths specifically. For Selective Schools coaching, our grade 4 and 5 classes are aimed at preparation for the test, including multiple choice practice assessments and coaching in English, Maths and Thinking Skills.

The best selective schools coaching in Sydney is available on your doorstep thanks to our local small group coaching sessions. The Excel program is selectively streamed all the way through; potential students need to pass an assessment before being accepted into the program – so we can stretch and challenge them. One of the reasons that we think our tutoring is the best coaching for selective schools is that we offer small group teaching so that we can give personalised attention where it is needed supported by resources based on on the updated requirements including thinking skills for the Selective Schools Test.

The Excel program is designed to help students throughout the grades, not just for coaching for selective schools – and that means that for grades 7-10 the high school program is exclusively aimed at improving student performance and confidence through a fast paced and challenging academic program that pushes students above and beyond what they cover in the classroom. All our content and resources are mapped to the Australian Curriculum and designed to have the most impact on the experience of students in the classroom at school – directly impacting your child’s grades.

Accessible Selective Schools Tutoring Near Me

It is important to us that our tutoring is accessible to everyone. We know that often the last thing students need is just more school – and there is more than one way of learning.

As the only tutoring college that works actively with psychologists and teaching experts to ensure that our offering is in line with the latest guidelines and developments because we want every student to improve their performance and their confidence, no matter where they started. When you are searching for ‘Selective Schools tutoring near me’, you will find that Dymocks Tutoring is accessible in many ways – from the way we teach to the fact that we don’t charge our students the earth. We’re not only one of the mosted trusted brands, we’re one of the most affordable.

We offer flexible payment options including afterpay, as well as early bird enrolment discounts – so our parents can be sure that they receive the best Selective School coaching in Sydney and beyond at the very best prices.
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Our Excel Primary School program for grades 3-6 ensures high achieving students go further.

The Excel Primary program is a selectively streamed program and all students are required to sit a timed online exam prior to being admitted into our streamed classes.

By streaming our classes we make sure that your child is in an environment with other high achievers, this means a faster pace of work more work focussed on extending your child further.

Our Excel program is for students that need acceleration in their studies, for students that want to be pushed further - we teach to the syllabus so everything your child learns can be applied.



All of our grade 4 and 5 Excel classes are focussed on teaching your child the skills they need for the Selective Schools Test.

We incorporate multiple choice practice and Selective Skills Test Practice weekly for all core Selective Skills Test Areas:


Reading and Writing


Mathematical Reasoning


Thinking skills and problem solving.

If you are preparing to sit the Selective Schools Test we highly recommend you enrol in all three of these classes.



Our Excel High School program is for students in grades 7-10. Designed specificaly for high achievers that are looking to get ahead in English and Maths with a strong foundation for HSC.

By streaming our classes we make sure that your child is in an environment with other high achievers, this means more work focussed on extending your child.

We teach to the syllabus so everything your child learns can be applied in class and make a difference to their marks.

The Excel High School program is a selectively streamed program and all students are required to sit a timed online exam prior to being admitted into our streamed classes.

20 %
The average improvement in grades reported by our students in 2021
98 %
of students say their confidence has improved significantly.
99 %
or students say that studying with Dymocks Tutoring made school easier.

We pride ourselves on our results

All enrolled students receive:

1. Weekly feedback reports to parents

2. Online quizzes and extension activities

3. Up to an hour a week of one to one Study Max support*

4. Extension activities and homework

5. Regular exam and test practice built into the class structure

6. A syllabus aligned with school, so they will know the answers in the classroom

*T&C’s Apply

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Our Resources map to the Australian

Curriculum, making sure students are working through the content that is really going to impact their experience in the classroom in a structured and strategic way.

Because we map to the curriculum you can be assured that the practice they put in through our Excel program will help students see real results in the classroom.

We make sure we have enough work to stretch our students, so they feel challenged and motivated in their studies with video summaries, exam practice and extension work built in.

We only work with the best.

That’s why our tutors aren’t only high achievers, they’re empathetic mentors that will work well to encourage your child to improve and maximise their marks.

We hire 3% of all tutor applicants, because we’re picky about who works with Dymocks Tutoring Students. Our minimum requirements for tutors is that they have a band 6 or E4 in any subject they tutor and a minimum ATAR of 96 or that they are currently studying education.

All our tutors have gone through our stringent tutor training program, which includes classroom hours, training sessions and exams so we know they’re up to the job.


Our tutors aren’t just trained to follow the curriculum, their trained to give you or your child the right level of personalised support.

That means working through the areas that you need to focus on to see real improvement through our one to one study max system.

Study max is an addiional hour of one to one support students can use to go through homework or extension work with available tutors*

It allows your child to get the most out of tutoring with additional help and support built into your term fee.

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