Lesson breakdown
Review and Reinforcement
A review of the prior week to reinforce learning and retention.and a quiz to assess their understanding of the previous week’s lesson.
15 min
Explain and Explore
Students are guided through a detailed analysis of the subject material by the tutor. The aim is to break up the material so that it can be manageably understood and retained by students.
30 min
Practice and Performance
A practical session where students are guided on how to answer questions and offered feedback on their answers.
60 min
Recap and Synthesise
Students test their mastery of the concepts presented through a short quiz. Real time feedback is given to identify areas for further practice.
15 min
Term course program
Dymocks Term 1
Module 1 focuses on the Nature of Crime and the Criminal Trial Process View the lesson plan
Dymocks Term 2
Module 2 in HSC Legal Studies focusses on Human Rights. Included within this term are reviews of the previous module, Crime. View the lesson plan
Dymocks Term 3
We offer all key Legal Options including, Family, Global Environment, Shelter, World Order, Workplace and Consumer. Let us know what option you are taking on your enrolment or trial request. You will cover your two options during this term. View the lesson plan
Dymocks Term 4
During the final term of tutoring we focus heavily on Trial HSC and HSC practice questions, and written responses, as well as a review of Terms 1 - 3. View the lesson plan

I’ve seen an improvement in marks in Physics, Chemistry and English since coming to Dymocks Tutoring. The tutors are really helpful, they help with assignments and they give really good feedback. I’m more confident putting my hand up in class.

Sanyam, Year 11
Legal Studies
per term

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Legal Studies Tutors in Sydney

Education and learning work best when the classroom approach is innovative and included highly personalised and interactive learning. A legal studies tutor is perfect for Year 12 HSC students that could use support with legal concepts and study opportunity. At Dymocks Tutoring we’re here to help you achieve the highest possible grade. Through a thorough approach you will improve your written response and feel prepared for your HSC Legal studies exams and assessments.

At Dymocks Tutoring, we are one of the oldest family companies in Australia and our reputation of over 140 years and counting speaks for itself. We are incredibly passionate about education and know that there is a better way of enhancing your HSC experiences through a legal studies tutor. We want to give Australian students the chance to tap into an educational environment that is progressive and supportive. It is our mission to ensure our students can shape themselves as they grow and learn.

Are You Looking for a Legal Studies Tutor in Sydney?

Our incorporation of student feedback differentiates our approach to legal studies tutoring, allowing for students to shape the way they want to learn. That’s right, every week we look to our students to gain an appreciation of how we can adapt our tutoring styles to accommodate for the needs of the class. From the feedback.

Best and innovative practice is at the forefront of our minds. We work with the students to maximise their success in the HSC, psychologists to ensure that we are continually improving our learning systems, and teachers to ensure a creative delivery of class content. Education does not have to be as difficult as some believe. Trust us, we’ve worked with plenty of students across all fields of study, such as chemistry, physics and biology, who believed they had reached their peak in terms of grade performance… until they enrolled with us.

Do You Wish Preparing for HSC Legal Studies Exams Was Easier?

Here at Dymocks Tutoring, our legal studies tutorsare motivated to help Sydney students maximise their potential, while simultaneously elevating their confidence in their abilities and understanding. 

We appreciate that preparing for legal studies exams can be challenging and at times feel incredibly overwhelming. We work hard to ensure that you work smarter. Our class environment consists of small groups of students so that you are benefited with the personalised attention needed to approach legal studies tutoring differently.

Breaking down concepts creatively and passionately is something that we excel at, and by building your understanding from the ground up, you can apply yourself to your HSC studies with a greater degree of focus.

Contact Our HSC Legal Studies Tutors Today!

We know that the educational environment is an essential part of HSC legal studies to get right. When students feel supported and can see that their concerns are listened to and acted upon, they commit fully to the learning process, simply because they know that their teachers can see the real capabilities behind every young mind. Our focus is you, and we will always adapt our lessons and materials to cater your needs when required. 

Those who have identified the benefits of securing a HSC legal studies tutor will undoubtedly be considering their options. At Dymocks Tutoring, we encourage you to read the outstanding comments that past students have left for us and to book a free trial that will afford you the chance to experience how differently we work. We know that studying for your HSC exams can be stressful, but with our support, you can take control and elevate confidence in your learning.
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The Dymocks Learning System

Improve your mark and rank at school by getting a head start on your subject. Potentia courses are three months (one term) in advance of the school year. Vertical streaming ensures that all students can be extended to their level of ability.


As you achieve success build confidence in your ability. This will help you not just at high school but in your journey of lifelong learning.


Continue to build a solid foundation for your future success both at school and in life. Learning at Dymocks Tutoring helps you to be expert in your subject which prepares you for post-school learning.

Legal Studies
$600 per term
100 %
of students say they've improved their marks since studying with Dymocks Tutoring
82 %
of students say their confidence improved significantly
100 %
of students say that studying with Dymocks Tutoring made school easier

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