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Lesson breakdown
Review and Reinforcement
A review of prior week to reinforce learning and retention.
15 min
Explain and Explore
Students are guided through a detailed analysis of the subject material by the tutor. The aim is to break up the material so that it can be manageably understood and retained by students.
45 min
Practice and Performance
A practical session where students are guided on how to answer varying question types including essays, short response and creative writing. Tutors offer feedback on their answers
45 min
Recap and Synthesise
Students test their mastery of the concepts and run through examples of how questions could be answered to maximise marks.
10 min
Supported Study Time
In the final 30 minutes of class students are able to focus on schoolwork and assessments or HSC Practice with the support of the tutor. The tutor will help students to work through any assessment tasks or run additional practice HSC questions so they can really maximise their classroom marks.
30 min
Term course program
Dymocks Term 1
Texts and Human Experiences: Students are prepared for both sections of the Common Module through guided analysis of a variety of texts and practice writing short-answer questions for a range of marks. Students are guided through discussion, note-taking and essay planning for their unique prescribed text as well as being exposed to a range of potential essay questions. View the lesson plan
Dymocks Term 2
Textual Conversations: Students undertake a close breakdown of the different skills required for Module A. Students are guided through discussion, note-taking and essay planning for their unique prescribed text as well as being exposed to a range of potential essay questions. We have text notes and resources on all prescribed texts. If your school is doing a different sequence, we will adapt our materials to ensure we are focusing on what you're doing at school. View the lesson plan
Dymocks Term 3
Critical Study of Literature: Students are guided in how to conduct a close, critical examination of their prescribed text. Students’ notetaking is structured in order to cover all required elements of this module and they are assisted in planning, structuring and writing essays for a variety of unseen questions. We have text notes and resources on all prescribed texts. If your school is doing a different sequence, we will adapt our materials to ensure we are focusing on what you're doing at school. View the lesson plan
Dymocks Term 4
HSC Prep: Students undertake an overview of the entire HSC course, ensuring their notes for each module are detailed and practising a range of essay plans and responses for unseen questions. View the lesson plan

I was doing well in most subjects, but found there were a few subjects I could use a bit of extra help in. After coming to Dymocks Tutoring I feel a lot more confident, especially in Maths. I used to hate integration and calculus, but now it’s working for me!

Simran, Year 12
English Advanced
per term
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HSC English Advanced Tutors in Sydney

The only compulsory subject during your HSC year, English and specifically HSC English Advanced is highly competitive. That said, few students anticipate that the road to a top grade will be an easy one that requires little study or focus - we're here at Dymocks Tutoring to support you to maximise your English Advanced grades through practice, support and a strong focus on your writing technique. One of the best ways to enhance your school-based learning is through English advanced tutoring. Sydney and NSW students are fortunate enough to have a wealth of options to choose from, both online or offline at our Learning Hubs in Parramatta and Bankstown. When it comes to finding the right HSC tutor in Sydney, Dymocks is an affordable and effective study support system for  your HSC English Advanced journey.
We cover all the most common texts across all four modules of English Advanced:
  • Geoge Orwell - Nineteen Eighty Four
  • Arthur Miller - The Crucible
  • Shakespeare - Merchant of Venice
  • Shakespeare - The Tempest
  • Margaret Atwood - Hag-seed
  • John Keats - Poetry
  • Jane Campion - Bright Star
  • Shakespeare - Richard III
  • Al Pacino - Looking for Richard
  • John Donne - Poetry
  • Margaret Edson - W;t
  • T.S. Eliot - Poetry
  • Kazuo Ishiguro - An Artist of the Floating World
  • Shakspeare - Henry IV Part I

HSC English Advanced Tutoring Available in Sydney

At Dymocks Tutoring, we get the best results for our students because we work with them to achieve exceptional learning experiences. Our parent company Dymocks has been a part of the Australian retail landscape for over 140 years and while we have always had a love for knowledge and books, we have taken this to the next level by tapping into our passion for education. We don’t believe in following the same patterns and rote learning methods of our competitors. We believe we have more to offer than simply lecturing our students. Our HSC English Advanced tutors are ready to support you through your HSC English Advanced journey. We provide assessment support for our Sydney students, as well as many popular text pairings and additional resources. To achieve quality educational outcomes, having the clear goals for our students key. Whether it’s improving your essay technique, getting more HSC practice in, or making sure you understand key techniques, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Advanced English Tutoring Adapted to Provide you with an Edge in your HSC

Rote learning methods are likely very familiar to parents, grandparents, and many current students. However, ask any of them whether they retained very much of what they studied. It’s our guess that a lot of their memorised content was quickly forgotten once they had achieved the grades they needed to pass their exams. The difference between our approach at Dymocks Tutoring and typical HSC English advanced tutoring in Sydney is that we adapt our teaching methods to personalise student experience. We operate in small groups that affords each student personalised learning which helps us to create a positive environment. Our team is made up of leading tutors and experienced teachers as well as psychologists we regularly consult with to find new ways to improve our learning systems. Each week we gather feedback from our students and accordingly tailor our methods so that in future, they benefit from a method of training or an approach that resonates with them.

Help Available from HSC English Advanced Tutors in Sydney

There is no shame in asking for help, particularly if you know that you might need it to improve the standard of your grades or if you feel there may be room for improvement. When it comes to HSC Advanced English, we understand better than anyone else that every last bit of help you can get can help. Whether you are daunted by the idea of exams, lacking in confidence or simply want to make sure that you’re getting as close to top marks as you can get, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get help from a professional English Advanced tutor in Sydney with a track record of successfully working with students to up there game. At Dymocks Tutoring, we have heaps of them!

Swap Stress and Anxiety for Confidence and Strategy

There is only one way to eat an elephant; bit by bit (although we certainly don’t advise it). The same goes for any subject that you are going to be tested on. While an entire HSC course might look daunting when you look at the detail, it becomes much less threatening when you map out an effective plan of attack. Sure, if you have to sit a HSC English Advanced exam next week it makes sense to feel overwhelmed. But if you view the exam as merely the finish line at the end of a year-long study program, you realise that you can alleviate all of that stress through insightful study in the months leading up to it. You might not believe us, but studying can become enjoyable when you figure out how to do it properly and put appropriate strategies in place.

Get the English Advanced Grades You Want with Dymocks Tutoring

At Dymocks Tutoring, we take an in-depth dive into the essential detail of HSC English Advanced that is dictated by the student’s comprehension of the subject. We assess what has already been learned, to what degree it has been learned and what hasn’t been absorbed through schoolwork, then tailor a study plan to cover everything they need to learn to put them in position to get great exam results. Assisted by an experienced professional English Advanced tutor in Sydney who helps them through their course work and challenges their level of knowledge, any student has the opportunity to get the grades they want. We even offer online tutoring!

Our Wealth of Accomplished English AdvancedTutors Sets Us Above the Rest

If you are interested in HSC English advanced tutoring in Sydney, then you shouldn’t decide on a tutor before you’ve had the chance to see what we can do for you. You can browse through some of our past student testimonials to get a sense of the results we can help you to achieve. You can also browse through the profiles of our vast pool of tutors to get insight into the kind of experience and expertise we are proud to offer. However, to get the best possible impression of what working with Dymocks Tutoring is like, why not take one of our trial tutoring sessions? We will source the ideal Advanced English tutor for your level and needs and they will show you how achievable academic improvement can be.

Get on Top of Your Advanced English Studies with a Tutor

Our HSC English advanced tutor in Sydney  is made to put our student’s needs first, as opposed to getting through the material in time. We break concepts down so that they are easily understood, and emphasise the relevance of the content we teach to their own lives. It is this mutually educational process, we use to build confidence and trust. At Dymocks Tutoring, we believe that every lesson is important. We pride ourselves in doing things differently and provide a new approach that is designed to help each student see weekly improvement. Those who are curious about our service are encouraged to com and test us out. If you would like to discover how we work first-hand, book a free trial today. Read Less
The Dymocks Learning System

Improve your mark and rank at school by getting a head start on your subject. Potentia courses are three months (one term) in advance of the school year. Vertical streaming ensures that all students can be extended to their level of ability.


As you achieve success build confidence in your ability. This will help you not just at high school but in your journey of lifelong learning.


Continue to build a solid foundation for your future success both at school and in life. Learning at Dymocks Tutoring helps you to be expert in your subject which prepares you for post-school learning.

English Advanced
$866.25 per term
23 %
the average improvement reported by our 2019 HSC graduates.
99 %
of students say their confidence improved significantly
99 %
of students say that studying with Dymocks Tutoring made school easier

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