23 %
the average improvement reported by our 2019 HSC graduates.
99 %
of students say their confidence improved significantly
99 %
of students say that studying with Dymocks Tutoring made school easier
A Competitive Advantage
Online support and state of the art technology ensure our students are ahead of the curve. With a laser focus on student experience and results, we ensure you’re maximising your marks.The real difference between Dymocks Tutoring and our competitors is that our focus is on you. We ensure that we get weekly feedback from you so that we can adapt lessons and materials and provide the best student outcomes possible.
Doing things differently
At Dymocks Tutoring we pride ourselves on doing things differently. Small groups with real-time feedback from our engaged tutors mean you get the attention you need and that each week you are improving.We believe that quality tutoring is more than just sitting in a classroom, it’s about creating an environment that enhances the student experience and outcomes, and at Dymocks Tutoring, that’s exactly what we do.

Tutoring in Bankstown

Are you at the top of the class and looking for extension? Or are you struggling to keep up? Maybe you feel you just need a bit of a helping hand. Here at our Bankstown Tutoring Centre, we’ll help you achieve whatever educational goals you have set yourself.

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Considering Your Tutoring Options in Bankstown?

If you’re considering tutoring in Bankstown, or if you have already tried tutoring colleges or centres and haven’t found the right fit, consider Dymocks Tutoring.

Here at Dymocks Tutoring, we believe that learning is something that each individual engages with in their own way. We are committed to doing things differently and our results speak volumes about how successful we have been by embracing a new approach to teaching and learning. We’re not about rote learning, we’re about exploration, learning ahead, and teaching students to think critically, so you have the confidence you need in the classroom.

With our high quality notes and online resources, our inspirational tutors and an environment that supports and encourages engagement, tutoring can have a clear impact on you marks.

Our family owned company is one of Australia’s oldest and most reputable. For over 140 years we have adapted to the changing times and shared our love of books and knowledge. Today we are determined to bring our passion for education to students that deserve a better approach to learning.

Tutoring in Bankstown Based on Student Feedback

For students in Bankstown that have had previous tutoring experience, you know tutoring can often seem like a tedious extension of the classroom. There are countless tutoring facilities, but the majority of them deliver lessons in the same way as your school. This does little to inspire those who are already falling behind, or students that find themselves in need of extension.

At Dymocks Tutoring in Bankstown, we put the student at the very heart of our process. While our tutors are exceptional teachers that have the ability to break down the most complex concepts into easily understandable parts and help students to build their understanding, we recognise the importance of hearing directly from our students about the effectiveness of our approach.

Bankstown Tutoring That’s Designed to Help

To achieve this, we use feedback loops to enable us to learn where we could make improvements or adjustments in real-time that would assist the students to more easily comprehend and learn. Regardless of whether it is English advanced, maths, physics, biology or chemistry, rest assured that we work hard to help our students achieve quality educational outcomes.

Accessibility to tutoring is something that many families struggle with. We have taken this into consideration and afford you a range of different, flexible payment options. So, if you prefer weekly payments, terms payments, or would like to benefit from up-front payment discounts, you will find that we do our best to help on this front.

Your Choice for Tutoring in Bankstown

Whatever your reasons may be for seeking tutoring, you can be sure that Dymocks Tutoring can give you what you need. With an outstanding learning hub situated in Bankstown, our tutoring offers you a convenient way to give your child the education they deserve. We have parking available to make life as easy as possible for parents during drop-offs and pick-ups, and opening hours that suit your schedule, including Saturdays.

Why Choose to Have Extra Tuition for Your Child?

Tutoring can be used at many different levels during your child’s education. We are here for both primary and high-school students in a range of subjects covering grades 4-12.

Your child may need more extension work, or they are starting to slip behind – tutoring is here to help fill the gaps. Maybe it’s just that you are feeling out of your depth helping with Maths, whatever the reason, Dymocks Tutoring in Bankstown is here to make sure your kids are maximising their marks and acheiving their potential in the classroom.

In a traditional classroom setting, it can be difficult for some students to put up their hand and ask the questions that they want answers to. Even if they are brave enough, teachers do not always have the time to devote to individual students to ensure that concepts are fully understood.

Dymocks Tutoring is different. Students work in small groups with dedicated and passionate tutors, following the Australian curriculum. We teach a term ahead so that your child can be confident in the classroom. All teaching is done positively, so students come out of their sessions feeling inspired, along with a can-do attitude. We also offer up to an hour a week of one to one Homework Help so you can get the support you need with that fractions homework.

An important part of our Bankstown tutoring practice is to take feedback from students each week. By doing so, we can reflect on the successful areas, and adapt materials or teaching methods where needed. Alongside this, our tutors take part in continuous training, so you can be sure that they are consistently delivering the best teaching.

Each session is designed to develop knowledge and methods that enable students to succeed, and this can also help them with their ongoing education. By learning how to tackle difficulties as they arise, students are well-equipped for when they come to areas they find more tricky in the future.

Dymocks Tutoring in Bankstown: A Step Above the Rest

If you are looking for tutoring in Bankstown, then look no further than Dymocks Tutoring for an outstanding experience that brings results.

Our results speak for themselves, we are proud to say that we have fantastic results and feedback from students. nearly 99% say that their marks have improved since they have been with Dymocks Tutoring and that school has become easier for them. 97% of students find school easier after attending classes with Dymocks Tutoring.

You can arrange a trial session for free, allowing your child to experience how our tutoring in Bankstown can help. We look forward to working with you and giving your child the education they deserve on a range of subjects from maths to english and any more.

Contact Our Bankstown Tutors Today!

At Dymocks Tutoring, we believe that there is a better way to do tutoring. Through our positive learning we’ll teach you to apply your studies in a way that sees results. You’ve found the best tutoring services accessible to Bankstown students, so book a free trial today and take the first step to maximising your marks.

Ready to try a better way of learning?

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