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It’s About Quality

At Dymocks Tutoring, we care about providing quality educational outcomes to our students.

To do this we focus on providing quality resources, quality tutors and a quality learning environment to help build student confidence and improve outcomes.

Results matter

Success is in our DNA. No other tutoring business can claim to be part of a group that has continued to meet Australia’s literacy needs for 140 years – and has persevered when other, bigger organisations failed.

When you choose Dymocks Tutoring you choose a tutoring business that knows success, and how to help others succeed. This knowledge and strength underpins our approach to learning.

There is a better way

The last thing you need is ‘more school’, but that’s exactly what many tutoring centres serve up. While practice can help improve performance, our new approach is designed to go further.

The Dymocks Tutoring Learning System combines the capabilities and expertise of leading teachers and counsellors to give you the best chance to unlock their potential, and we are the only tutoring college working with psychologists to continuously improve our learning system in line with best practice.

We care about Accessibility of Education

We believe in making tutoring as accessible as possible for as many people as possible, so we don’t cost the earth.

With flexible payment options including weekly or term payments and up-front payment discounts, we make tutoring an achievable option to help put you in a position to maximise your marks and improve educational outcomes.

Small groups for personalised attention

At Dymocks Tutoring we’re about making sure our students are really achieving as much as they can.

We aim to break concepts down and work with you in a small group environment to make sure you understand the concepts and feel confident with what you are learning.

The Feedback Loop

We require our students to provide weekly feedback on their experience with Dymocks Tutoring so that we can focus on improving both the student experience and student outcomes.

Being focused on how we can improve your experience and provide real tangible results is the reason the Dymocks Tutoring experience is different from that of our competitors.

Ready to try a better way of learning?

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