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23 %
the average improvement reported by our 2019 HSC graduates.
99 %
of students say their confidence improved significantly
99 %
of students say that studying with Dymocks Tutoring made school easier
Tutoring PLUS
When you choose to tutor online, you're choosing to have the same level of support you receive when you tutor face to face, plus. With our small group online tutoring, you can study at your own pace, in your own time, without ever leaving your couch. You'll get access to a huge range of online resources, including video summaries, quizzes and notes mapped to the Australian Curriculum.
Summaries and Quizzes!
With Dymocks Online Tutoring, you get access to quick topic summary videos, so you can familiarise yourself with the content ahead of your tutoring session. To test your knowledge, each video has a quiz so you can check how well you understand. Watch the videos and take the quiz, that way you can focus on the areas you know you need the most support.
Interactive Video Tutorial
Once a week attend your online small group tutorial. This is broken into a content tutorial session and then a Q&A where you can ask questions and work through content with your tutor. During your tutorial, you'll work with online whiteboards, work through shared documents and answer timed quizzes. We make our tutorials as interactive as possible so you get the most out of your tutoring session.
Homework Help and Exam Practice
With Dymocks Tutoring Online, you still get all the benefits of your standard tutoring, including up to an hour a week of free 1:1 homework help included with your enrolment. PLUS we've added brand new additional exam practice sessions for our HSC students, and text-specific tutorials for our HSC English students. We know that feedback and practice can make the difference between achieving that band six or not, so we're building in many more touchpoints to make sure you're on track to maximise your marks.

Online English Tutoring in Australia

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the world come to a standstill, but that does not mean your education has to. At Dymocks Tutoring, we are still here for you with our outstanding learning experience. We are offering online English tutoring in Australia, so no matter where you are, you can benefit from our expert online English tutors and get ahead with your studies in English.

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Why Seek Online English Tutoring?

English is a skills-based subject, and as such, the more you practise, the better you become. However, there are different methods and techniques that we can share with you so that you can reach your full potential in English. With our online English tutoring, you do not have to worry about falling behind, but instead, you can spend your time sharpening your skills.

At Dymocks Tutoring, our resources and methods are mapped to the Australian curriculum, so you can be sure that the content that you learn during your time with us will be beneficial to your time in the classroom. What’s more, we have text-specific discussion groups for those studying HSC English, so they help to improve your knowledge and confidence when it comes to discussing and writing about them.

We’re Australia’s Choice for Online English Tutoring

Throughout the week, you can complete quizzes, assignments, and exam practice papers, which are all designed to move your forward in English. This can all be done at a time that suits you, so you can choose the times that are convenient for you and for when you work best.

You will, of course, have time with our dedicated online English tutors once a week. During this time, you will enjoy interactive learning in a small group. You can also receive one-on-one online English tutoring during homework help and assessment support. These times are designed to support your individual learning and you can ask about any concepts or areas where you are struggling. Just like our online maths tutoring, along with this, you will get valuable feedback and marking for essays that you have written, learning about your strengths, and any areas for improvement.

Take Your English to the Next Level with Dymocks Tutoring

If you are looking for online English tutoring services, choose Dymocks and look forward to seeing your English advance. 100% of our students say that their marks in school improve after having tutoring with us, and they also said that school was a lot easier. 82% of our students also said they felt more confident. You can join them and look forward to being more confident in both your discussions, analysis and essays with our online English tutoring.

We want to make Dymocks Tutoring services to be accessible for everyone, which is why we offer flexible payment options. You can choose to pay weekly or upfront for the term with discounts available for up-front payments.

Dymocks has< online English tutoring that works for you. Contact us today to discover how we can help you to improve your marks and reach your potential in English.

Why Choose Online Tutoring

Short Summary Videos
Watch key point summary videos ahead of your tutorial lesson each week.
Quizzes and HSC exam practice
Answer quizzes to test your knowledge. Complete timed exam practice and get detailed feedback from your tutor throughout the term
Interactive small group tutorials
Small-group tutorials over Zoom with interactive workbooks and whiteboarding so you can work with your tutor in real-time. Text specific discussion groups for HSC English.
Online Notes and Workbooks
Get access to our incredible notes and workbooks, so you can practice concepts and access all the references and examples you need.
Mapped to the Australian Curriculum
Our notes and tutoring method is mapped to the Australian Curriculum so you know you're learning the content you’ll need in class.
1:1 Homework Help and Assesment Support
Get access to up to one hour of one on one homework help and assessment support each week in any subject. We'll also provide essay and assessment marking.

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