that works

Our tutoring is guaranteed to be successful. We guarantee a minimum 20% improvement in every students’ grade*.

Years 3-6

English, Maths, NAPLAN, OC and Selective Schools

Years 7-10

English, Maths, Science and NAPLAN

Year 11

English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Business & Legal Studies

Year 12

English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Business & Legal Studies

One of the highest rated tutoring services in Australia

We teach to the curriculum, giving the confidence and knowledge needed to excel in any subject – and our students
love us for it!

See what our students say

I was doing well in most subjects, but found there were a few subjects I could use a bit of extra help in. After coming to Dymocks Tutoring I feel a lot more confident, especially in Maths. I used to hate integration and calculus, but now it’s working for me!
Simran, Year 12

My grades have improved throughout Year 12. I’ve found that Dymocks Tutoring has really supported me, especially with their resources, notes and access to teachers. Dymocks Tutoring has really helped me become a better learner.

Zoe, Year 12

The environment is very laid-back, so you can focus on what you’re doing and be relaxed while you’re studying. It helps a lot. My tutor for Legal Studies, Mohan, is great. He really helps you understand the concepts and ensures if you have any questions that they are explained.

Justin, Year 11

I went from getting C’s and B’s to A’s in English so Dymocks Tutoring has definitely helped a lot. I really like how they teach to the syllabus. When I go into class, I know that what I’ve learned at Dymocks Tutoring is going to directly correlate to what I’m learning at school.

Sara, Year 12

I’ve seen an improvement in marks in Physics, Chemistry and English since coming to Dymocks Tutoring. The tutors are really helpful, they help with assignments and they give really good feedback. I’m more confident putting my hand up in class.

Sanyam, Year 11

Olivia Liu

July 2022

“Our tutors during the English trial preparation lessons in the holidays were so good! The presentations were so engaging and descriptive and overall it was a great step into helping us prepare for our trials. Thank you Dymocks Tutoring!!”

Rushil Singh

June 2022

“High quality and supportive tutors with excellent resources. The Parramatta hub is clean and well located. My physics tutor Alex helped me achieve the marks I wanted by not only providing excellent resources but being really supportive. Overall, very pleased by the quality of tutoring provided alongside the conveniently located hub right next to Parramatta Station.”

Houda Sattout

July 2022

“My son, has been enrolled at the Paramatta hub for the past 2 terms and he has improved a lot. He has improved in both English and Math’s. I definitely recommend Dymocks Tutoring. My son’s English tutor Lauren has helped him a lot in English and is very supportive. All the staff are friendly, professional and always willing to help. I especially like the individual tutoring parent report emailed by the tutors each week.”

We offer a Free Trial so it’s easy to start on your path to success.

Dymocks has been an Australian institution for over 140 years. We have a strong history of success and a proven approach to help students maximise their marks!

We help you achieve your best results

In our recent statistics 98% of students improved their grades after starting with Dymocks Tutoring
Senior Students report an average 30.4% Increase in their results with over 70% achieving a 20% improvement

We give you confidence

Be prepared for the curriculum and get the marks you want
Learn to manage stress and test anxiety to always perform at your best

We set you up for long term success

Graduate Tutors teach study skills that carry over into University education
Detailed programs mapping to the curriculum combined with detailed feedback

We are empathetic & expert mentors

Our Tutors are qualified teaching professionals and subject specialists
We employ high achievers that know exactly what it takes to succeed

Which is right for you: Small Group or 1:1 (Private Tutoring)?

Meet our tutors

Our tutors are carefully selected for their enthusiasm, energy and communication skills as well as their subject matter expertise. They are typically experienced and qualified professional teachers, but we also find recent HSC high achievers make ideal, relatable mentors for your child.

You can expect a very honest and positive direct relationship with your child’s tutor. They’ll get to the underlying issues that may be holding your child back from succeeding, and work with them personally to build their confidence and extend their capabilities.

Get started now with learning
that works for you.

Our courses

Primary School

Years 3-6

Years 3-6

Build foundational academic skills and confidence in the classroom for your child. Dymocks Tutoring prepares Primary School students for their transition into High School,  teaching a term ahead of the curriculum with 1:1 homework help and regular feedback.

Junior High School

Years 7-10

Years 7-10

Dymocks Tutoring provides early support to prepare you to succeed in your HSC years. We help to maximise your marks across every subject, offering small group tutoring, 1:1 homework help, and marking support for all of our students.

Senior High School

Years 11-12

Years 11-12

Improve your HSC results and set yourself up for success at University. Our Tutors are high achieving, subject specialists, teaching to the curriculum and running through real HSC questions and assessments. Everything you need to get the ATAR you want.


For Parents

What type of tutoring is available?

We specialise in small group tutoring which allows us to be an affordable tutoring option whilst also giving you individualised attention to help maximise their marks. For students that need more personalised attention or are struggling to grasp a specific topic we also offer Private Tutoring. You can access a free trial lesson for our group sessions by clicking here.

What is the cost of tutoring?

Our group tutoring prices are at. 

$26.00 per hour for primary students.

$32.00 an hour for high school students.

$37.00 per hour for senior high school students. 

Private tutoring starts at $65.00 per hour.

Should I enrol in a small group or private tutoring?

We recommend small group tutoring as our preferred method of tutoring. The benefits of small group tutoring are that it is

• Cost effective
• Allows kids to learn from and engage with other students in a small controlled group environment.
• Builds confidence in answering or asking questions around their peers. 
• We recommend private tutoring for students that are at a remedial level or need additional support on a specific topic or subject. 

To find out more about private vs small group tutoring click here.

Are there discounts available?

We periodically run promotions that can involve a discount for new students that have not previously been enrolled. For existing students, we offer an automatic enrolment discount of 10%.

My child is advanced, what are my options?

For kids who are advanced, we have an excel stream. Our excel stream classes require approval from the tutor to enter and run at a faster pace, with more extension questions and activities covered. We recommend advanced students enrol in the excel stream classes. Excel classes are available from grades 3 – 10 excluding grades 4 and 5 where excel classes are replaced by Selective Schools preparation classes.

My child is falling behind at school, what are my options?

For kids that need remedial study, we recommend one-to-one private tutoring sessions to help them to catch up with their cohort.

Once a child is more confident in the area they have been falling behind in – they are encouraged to move to small group classes in our success program, which follows the Australian curriculum.

For Students

What type of tutoring is available?

We specialise in small group tutoring which allows us to be an affordable tutoring option whilst also giving you individualised attention to help maximise their marks. For students that need more personalised attention or are struggling to grasp a specific topic we also offer Private Tutoring. You can access a free trial lesson for our group sessions by clicking here.

What type of device or software do I need?

If you are an online student we recommend that you have access to:

A laptop, desktop or iPad are all fine to access your classes – we do not recommend using a mobile device as this will not be a big enough screen to get the most out of your lessons and we use different software during the lessons, so having a larger screen allows students to navigate between systems.
A stable internet connection
If you are a maths or sciences student – it is advisable that you have a touch device and stylus for easy use of online whiteboard and drawing activities including writing equations and workings. 

For in hub classes we recommend students bring a device to classes so they can access the in-class quizzes and do our online survey and tutor reviews. 

Do you teach my state’s curriculum?

We currently operate in Victoria and NSW, though we teach the Australian curriculum, the way this is taught does vary from state to state. For Grades 3-10 we are able to privately tutor students from states outside of NSW and VIC.

Our content is mapped specifically for the Victorian and NSW variations of the curriculum. We also specialise in HSC and VCE tutoring and have created content that meets state requirements for these exams that focuses specifically on the state-specific texts and requirements.

How do I get started with Dymocks Tutoring?

To start your lesson with Dymocks Tutoring – you can enrol directly into a class online or in hub using our online booking form here OR you can test us 100% obligation-free through our free trial lesson, to make sure we’re the right fit for your child before you enrol.

What is Study Max support and how do I access it?

Study Max support is our one-to-one homework help. Enrolled students are able to book up to an hour a week of help (30 minutes per enrolled subject and 15 minutes for subjects that students do not tutor for at Dymocks Tutoring). Study Max support is booked in 15-minute sessions with our Study Max support tutors.

We recommend booking Study Max support to go through tutoring homework and questions, to get feedback on essays or written responses or to get help with school assignments and assessments.

To book a Study Max session please click here.

The latest updates from the Dymocks Tutoring team

Read all the latest tips and tricks from our expert Tutoring team. We constantly update with new cheat sheets, study guides, and course summaries for the subjects you’re studying right now!

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