Lesson breakdown
Review and Reinforcement
A review of the prior week to reinforce learning and retention.
15 min
Explain and Explore
Students are guided through a detailed analysis of the subject material by the tutor. The aim is to break up the material so that it can be manageably understood and retained by students.
45 min
Practice and Performance
A practical session where students are guided on how to answer questions and offered feedback on their answers.
45 min
Recap and Synthesise
Students test their mastery of the concepts presented through a short quiz. Real time feedback is given to identify areas for further practice.
15 min
Term course program
Dymocks Term 1
October - December Module 5: Advanced Mechanics View the lesson plan
Dymocks Term 2
January to March Module 6: Electromagnetism View the lesson plan
Dymocks Term 3
April to June Module 7: The Nature of Light View the lesson plan
Dymocks Term 4
July to September Module 8: From the Universe to the Atom View the lesson plan

I went from getting C’s and B’s to A’s in English so Dymocks Tutoring has definitely helped a lot. I really like how they teach to the syllabus. When I go into class, I know that what I’ve learned at Dymocks Tutoring is going to directly correlate to what I’m learning at school.

Sara, Year 12
per term

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Physics Tutoring in Sydney 

Across Sydney students are taking a deep breath in and furiously highlighting key Physics Syllabus dot points. Physics can easily become lost in lofty mathematical equations and mind-bending thought experiments. However our HSC Physics tutoring is designed to be easily understood. We’re here to make your learning simple, so you see direct improvement in your understanding of the key syllabus points and your marks.

Physics tutoring through Dymocks tutoring makes learnig accessible to students in Sydney and across NSW, both online and in our state of the art learning hubs.

Why Choose A Dymocks' Physics Tutor in Sydney?

Here at Dymocks Tutoring, we aim to break the mould in tutoring. We don’t want our students to arrive for their tutorials believing that they are simply extending their school hours. We want them to feel that they are entering a supportive environment and where they can learn in a way that addresses their issues with different subject materials.

There is always a huge focus on final results, particularly around your HSC exams and assesments, but our tutors believe that getting great results is a natural consequence of effective learning, which is what we focus on (as well as clearly summarising the syllabus and distilling it into the points you need to know to do well). We understand that traditional education doesn’t always work for everybody the same way, so we want to make a difference and not only deliver fantastic, insightful learning but develop a sense of confidence that our students can take with them to the classroom or anywhere else they engage with Physics concepts.

A Contemporary Approach to Physics Tutoring

Any student that has worked with a physics tutor in Sydney before will likely have expectations about what they are signing up for with Dymocks Tutoring. However, we work hard to ensure that your experience with us is nothing like past experiences. We deliver our learning through small groups that afford you personalised attention both online or in our Sydney Hub locations, Parramatta and Bankstown. This helps you to raise questions and delve deeper into the subjects, so that those complex scientific theories and laws are fully understood by the time you go home.

One of the reasons that our team has achieved a 100% success rate to date with regards to improving grades for our students is because we use our students’ experiences to determine how we are performing. We live in a world that is ever-evolving technologically and we know that there are plenty of different ways to deliver education. As such, we strive to harness the capabilities of technology and filter the feedback that we receive from our students into our teaching.

Contact Our HSC Physics Tutors in Sydney Today!

Our approach to HSC physics tutoring gives Sydney based students the chance to engage with a positive learning environment. You want to maximise your marks and we know how to help you achieve this. With our quality resources, excellent tutors and feedback loops that are there to give you every opportunity to shape how you learn, this is an experience that can take your learning to new heights. We’ll provide you with great resources, practice questions and exams and a tutoring experience that will put you on track to achieving your HSC Physics goals.

Don’t wait to start HSC Physics tutoring. Book a free trial with the team here at Dymocks Tutoring right now. So, browse our site, read the testimonials of our students and believe that with our help you can become one of our success stories too.
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The Dymocks Learning System

Improve your mark and rank at school by getting a head start on your subject. Potentia courses are three months (one term) in advance of the school year. Vertical streaming ensures that all students can be extended to their level of ability.


As you achieve success build confidence in your ability. This will help you not just at high school but in your journey of lifelong learning.


Continue to build a solid foundation for your future success both at school and in life. Learning at Dymocks Tutoring helps you to be expert in your subject which prepares you for post-school learning.

$600 per term
100 %
of students say they've improved their marks since studying with Dymocks Tutoring
82 %
of students say their confidence improved significantly
100 %
of students say that studying with Dymocks Tutoring made school easier

Ready to try a better way of learning?

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