23 %
the average improvement reported by our 2019 HSC graduates.
99 %
of students say their confidence improved significantly
99 %
of students say that studying with Dymocks Tutoring made school easier
A Competitive Advantage
Online support and state of the art technology ensure our students are ahead of the curve. With a laser focus on student experience and results, we ensure you’re maximising your marks. The real difference between Dymocks Tutoring and our competitors is that our focus is on you. We ensure that we get weekly feedback from you so that we can adapt lessons and materials and provide the best student outcomes possible.
Doing things differently
At Dymocks Tutoring we pride ourselves on doing things differently. Small groups with real-time feedback from our engaged tutors mean you get the attention you need and that each week you are improving. We believe that quality tutoring is more than just sitting in a classroom, it’s about creating an environment that enhances the student experience and outcomes, and at Dymocks Tutoring, that’s exactly what we do.

High School & HSC English Tutors in Sydney

English is the one subject that students know will have a huge bearing on their university options and since it is compulsory, thousands of those that are preparing to sit their HSC exams seek out an English tutor in Sydney every year. While the comfort of additional study and focus outside the classroom can provide a degree of comfort and security, unless the subject matter is delivered in a way that complements the student’s own aptitudes and approach to learning, then it can do little more than waste money and time.

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Looking for a HSC English Tutor?

At Dymocks Tutoring, our aim is to help you meet and achieve your English goals – whether that be improving essay or assessment marks, improving your writing, or preparing for the HSC English Exam. We understand that rote learning can only get you so far. As such, we want students to have the possibility of joining small groups that are focused on the subject matter and texts they need to work on and help build an approach to your learning that can help you to reach your HSC English, or Advanced English goals, whatever these may be.

We believe that learning requires more than just accomplished tutors that understand the subject matter. It requires continual assessment of the approaches used, interaction and engagement with the students and ongoing support and state of the art technology so that the learning process is made as simple and effective as it can be.

We help our students to demonstrate real improvement in their assessments. We’ve seen students go from 60’s to 90’s – Band 4s all the way to Band 6 work, based on consideration and support provided to each of our students by our highly qualified Sydney Tutors. Our Tutors are high achievers, that know what it takes to get those marks. We offer up to 1 hour a week of assessment support and homework help, so you can always get the feedback and tutoring support you need to reach the next level.

HSC English Tutors Are The Key to Effective Learning

HSC English tutoring and practice our students do during tutoring can make the difference between a student getting the exam results they want or missing the mark. Ask around and we expect that you will hear plenty of different stories about success rates of tutors. A tutor that achieved great results for one student may not have had the same success with others.

Why Invest in A High School English Tutor?

We believe that each student needs their learning tailored to their individual needs. The keys to effective learning are creating a positive environment that enhances the student experience, which is what you will find here at Dymocks Tutoring. All of our students provide weekly feedback on our performance as tutors. This gives us the ability to respond in real-time and adapt our methods to your needs, resulting in better performances and higher grades.

While your HSC English exam results are our priority, a key part of making sure that we can really make a difference to their grades is our investment in tutor training. We take this seriously because we understand that our tutors need to be operating at the peak of their abilities and that they can pass on the knowledge and skills that helped them become high achievers in the HSC to our students, so you too can achieve the results you want.

Effective HSC English Tutoring That Delivers Real Results

There is a common misconception that HSC English tutoring is supplementary learning for students with below standard grades. It’s easy to see extra schoolwork as playing catchup for work that wasn’t done right in the first place. However, this is not the case. No matter the discipline, regardless of the individual, we can always do better. Elite athletes and CEOs of major international organisations are individuals who excel at what they do, but despite their success, they are also constantly trying to improve their performance wherever they can. They do so by seeking the best help and advice they can get. This is essentially the purpose behind tutoring; providing students with a system for improvement to help them excel their learning, regardless of their current grades.

We Understand the Pressures and Challenges of HSC English Studies

At Dymocks Tutoring, all our high school English tutors are practising academics who already hold or are furthering their own study in their specialised subjects. They fully understand the HSC course and appreciate how challenging it is for students to prepare for their final exams. This makes them sympathetic to students’ needs; academic, psychological and emotional. This perspective allows our tutors to reach a common ground with their students and establish a shared goal of achieving the highest marks in the HSC exams. This shared commitment to study is vital to successful tutoring as our HSC English tutors in Sydney focus on bringing out a student’s full potential by supporting their academic strengths and improving their weaknesses.

Make the Most Out of Your Grades with a HSC English Tutor

The benefits of Dymocks Tutoring extend beyond better grades in school exams. Many of our students report significantly improved levels of self-confidence and personal development. In the later years of teenagehood, effective academic application is important as it establishes a framework for problem-solving, acquiring new skills and challenging oneself. These are important attributes that can greatly serve students as they enter adulthood and become more self-reliant. A chosen career can depend greatly on a particular third-level degree, which in turn is largely determined by HSC grades. Navigating the education and professional path isn’t clear cut and there are many avenues that can lead to the desired destination, but a good start, with effective HSC tutoring in Sydney, is half the work.

See What Dymocks HSC English Tutoring Can Do for You with A Free Session

If you are considering a high school English tutor, we hope you will do right by yourself and seek convincing assurances of the results they can help you achieve. A family friend who recently graduated from school with decent grades is a great person to seek out for help with grinds in a subject you’re really struggling with. However, if you want to take your HSC grades as high as possible then you should seek a professional tutor. At Dymocks Tutoring, we have dedicated HSC English tutors with comprehensive experience preparing for all HSC subjects ready to bring your grades to the next level. If you’re not convinced, then a free trial tutoring session is the perfect way to help make your decision. you have nothing to lose, so give us a call or book a session online today!

Contact Our HSC English Tutors Today!

Combining our tutorials with fantastic learning materials, homework help and learning hubs all add up to create a positive learning environment and experience that takes the stress out of studying and school. Students that work with us to find the best study method for them are enthusiastic about learning and see a real improvement in grades.

At Dymocks Tutoring, we work tirelessly to provide you with the high school English tutor that can take your grades to new heights and help you to gain confidence in your abilities and capacity to achieve great things. Our approach is different, and we’re proud of that fact.

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