The Demise of Economics?
The study of Economics is in steep decline among high school students. The RBA is looking to refresh the subject and improve student numbers. 

In an article by ‘The Australian’ (click here to read – paywall) it is reported that the study of Economics at HSC level is in decline. Previously Economics was one of the top subjects studied by students but in 2018 only 5,249 students studied it. The subject itself is offered at only 30% of public schools and 55% of private schools.

Economics is an important area of study and provides insight into how the economy operates and resources allocated. Studying Economics in the HSC benefits not just those wanting to study economics at university but all students who want to be better informed about how the Australian and global economies work.

In an increasingly global market, the knowledge that a study of Economics brings will be an important asset to employees of the future.

The declining numbers of students has been attributed to content that is hard to relate to. Students struggle to see the relevance of the subject to themselves and the world around them. Given this, the Reserve Bank of Australia would like the subject to be refreshed and gain greater attention in schools.

At Potentia Tutoring we make learning Economics relatable. We understand the importance of Economics in understanding how government decisions can impact a fast-changing world.

Our expert tutors focus on the critical thinking and problem-solving skills required to assess economic decisions. We use case study material throughout, sourced from a close study of government policy, the actions of domestic and global businesses and their impacts. We also apply various perspectives to appreciate the impact of economic decisions on individuals.

Our tutors also help students to understand how business decisions are made by applying economic theory to real-world problems such as pricing and climate change. Through our program, the study of economics has real-world applications, relevant to the current generation of students.

Potentia Tutoring aims to maximise your marks and we support students to achieve their potential in all areas of study. Economics will provide a pathway into a Business, Commerce or Economics degree and provides a solid analytical foundation and key analytical and problem-solving skills. If you’re considering the study of economics in year 11 or 12, talk to us today.

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