Terms & Conditions

The Success Guarantee

At Dymocks Tutoring we are confident that you will be able to improve your marks by at least 10% if you follow our learning system. 

If you do not improve your marks by 10% after two full terms you can tutor for free in the same subject in the next term.


The conditions for the Success Guarantee are as simple:

  1. You must be a current student of Dymocks Tutoring
  2. You must have received tutoring for at least two full terms
  3. You must have attended each class
  4. You must have completed all required class tasks
  5. Where requested, you must have attended any homework help sessions
  6. You must have submitted any assessment tasks to our homework help tutors to receive assistance

Where a student misses a class due to sickness this will, within reason, be taken into account in determining the application of the Success Guarantee.

To claim the Success Guarantee

To claim the Success Guarantee all you need to do is:

  1. Satisfy the eligibility criteria
  2. Share your school reports for the past 12 months
  3. Share evidence of the assessment tasks completed for school (we will check to confirm that you received homework help for those tasks)

That’s it. Once we see that you have not improved as we would expect you get the next term’s worth of tuition for free. Nothing more to do.

Duration of the Success Guarantee

Where you claim the Success Guarantee you receive the next term’s tuition free. If you do not improve in that term then, at our discretion, we may extend the guarantee for one or more further terms. During these periods you must continue to meet the eligibility criteria.

The Success Guarantee is offered at the discretion of Dymocks Tutoring. Dymocks Tutoring may withdraw the guarantee at any time but when it does it will ensure eligible students have the benefit of the guarantee offer for the following term. 

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