Grade 11 & 12 Summer Workshop – Module C – Craft of Writing

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11 & 12 English

“Module C – Craft of Writing”

15th January | 10:00am – 2:00pm

This workshop prepares students for Module C: The Craft of Writing, and provides tangible HSC writing practice. As the only compulsory HSC subject, English is a required skill, and highly competitive. Get an edge on the competition with our Mod C workshop.

What are they studying

Putting words on a page – HSC English Mod C

This workshop prepares students for Module C: The Craft of Writing by providing them with resources to guide them in using language and structural devices in their own work, as well as ensuring their understanding of imaginative, persuasive and discursive forms.

Throughout the day students will also be exposed to exemplary and experimental examples of writing to encourage them to think about the unique ways that composers use language in their work.

Students will be provided with a wide range of prompts and activities to motivate them to write, with the overall goal of the day being to compose at least two pieces that they can add to the ‘portfolio’ of creative pieces that they will gather as they undertake Module C. Students will receive feedback on their work and guidance on where to improve, but will also be encouraged to play with language, to write in genres and on topics of personal interest to them, and to learn how to compose a first draft which can later be edited and refined.

The details

TIME: 10:00am – 2:00pm (4 hours)

DATE: 15th January

WITH: Qualified High School English Tutors who will guide the students through the English Workshop and practice writing.

WHY: This workshop will help preliminary and HSC students improve their Mod C creative writing ahead of HSC.

COST: If you have a creative kids voucher, you can do the workshop completely FREE!

No voucher? No problem.

Without the voucher, this 4-hour session costs $100 per student.

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