23 %
the average improvement reported by our 2019 HSC graduates.
99 %
of students say their confidence improved significantly
99 %
of students say that studying with Dymocks Tutoring made school easier

I was doing well in most subjects, but found there were a few subjects I could use a bit of extra help in. After coming to Dymocks Tutoring I feel a lot more confident, especially in Maths. I used to hate integration and calculus, but now it’s working for me!

Simran, Year 12

My grades have improved throughout Year 12. I’ve found that Dymocks Tutoring has really supported me, especially with their resources, notes and access to teachers. Dymocks Tutoring has really helped me become a better learner.

Zoe, Year 12

The environment is very laid-back, so you can focus on what you’re doing and be relaxed while you’re studying. It helps a lot. My tutor for Legal Studies, Mohan, is great. He really helps you understand the concepts and ensures if you have any questions that they are explained.

Justin, Year 11

I went from getting C’s and B’s to A’s in English so Dymocks Tutoring has definitely helped a lot. I really like how they teach to the syllabus. When I go into class, I know that what I’ve learned at Dymocks Tutoring is going to directly correlate to what I’m learning at school.

Sara, Year 12

I’ve seen an improvement in marks in Physics, Chemistry and English since coming to Dymocks Tutoring. The tutors are really helpful, they help with assignments and they give really good feedback. I’m more confident putting my hand up in class.

Sanyam, Year 11
A Competitive Advantage

Online support and state of the art technology ensure our students are ahead of the curve. With a laser focus on student experience and results, we ensure you’re maximising your marks.

The real difference between Dymocks Tutoring and our competitors is that our focus is on you. We ensure that we get weekly feedback from you so that we can adapt lessons and materials and provide the best student outcomes possible.

Doing things differently

At Dymocks Tutoring we pride ourselves on doing things differently. Small groups with real-time feedback from our engaged tutors mean you get the attention you need and that each week you are improving.

We believe that quality tutoring is more than just sitting in a classroom, it’s about creating an environment that enhances the student experience and outcomes, and at Dymocks Tutoring, that’s exactly what we do.

The Best Tutoring Centres in Sydney

We’re here to support your learning in whatever way works for you. We specialise in small group online tutoring, meaning you get the focussed attention of your tutor at an affordable price, with the support that peer to peer learning in a small group provides.

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When You Need Tutoring in Sydney and NSW

There are plenty of tutoring centres in Sydney, but if you, like countless other students have tried a few before and come out on the other side wondering if maybe the issue isn’t to do with the methods but more to do with you, then don’t lose hope. Many tutoring facilities seek to instil knowledge through practice and repetition, but this doesn’t work for everyone.

At Dymocks Tutoring, we believe that learning is different for everyone and we provide an individualised approach in a small group social setting, online or in our learning hubs.  We understand that whilst all students want to maximise their marks, how that works and what that looks like changes from student to student.

Why Choose Dymocks Tutoring?

Our goal is to provide quality educational outcomes. Educational, as opposed to results-oriented, because learning and retaining knowledge is more important than simply regurgitating it once and then losing that knowledge once you move onto the next chapter of education.

Our tutors in Sydney believe that different is good, and that by applying our methods to new ways that enhance learning possibilities for our students, everyone benefits. We strive to work with you in small groups so that you can better understand concepts that are new to you and gain a level of confidence in your ability to apply them and work through problems involving them, whether it’s primary school tutoring or even HSC tutoring

Our Tutoring Method Builds Confidence and Better Grades

Here at Dymocks Tutoring, we have learned to move with the times better than any other educational company in Australia. This is evidenced by our parent companies 140 years in business, which has afforded us a unique insight into the need for change, embracing what is different and finding new ways to tailor our services to the learning needs of Australia.

We are consistently found among the best tutoring centres in Sydney simply because our results speak volumes and inspire confidence. 100% of our students have seen improvements in their marks since they studied with us and 82% agreed that they felt their confidence improve significantly as a result of our methods. The one thing that all students who come to us really appreciate is the fact that our approach makes school easier.

Whether it is through the learning materials that we provide, the availability of help with homework and assessments, our learning hubs for study, feedback loops, learning software, focus on wellbeing and the fact that we invest in continuous tutor training, all of these aspects combine to make your job as a student easier.

Tutoring in Sydney That Focuses on The Needs of The Student

It’s an age-old saying: ‘real change comes from within’, and while change is inevitable it is wholeheartedly in our hands to shape. This is a guiding principle at Dymocks Tutoring When it comes to education it is very easy to fall into the trap of believing that the way to progress is by learning information off by rote and transcribing it in an exam scenario. Information retention is, of course, an important skill to have, but it is eclipsed by critical thinking, effective communication and personal application. At Dymocks Tutoring in Sydney, we focus on putting our students in the driving seat by helping them to navigate subjects effectively with greater perspective and understanding.

The Benefits of Learning in Smaller Group Environments

Whether it be online tutoring or in-person one to one tutoring, learning in a small group environment has many benefits. Our students have reported greater recognition from their tutors which in turn improves their focus. Knowing that you are not just another student in a group of twenty or thirty brings a large degree of focus and an understanding that your voice is heard when you feel the need to speak up. Sessions are quieter, feature less disruption and therefore provide more time for instruction. Small group environments also help students to come out of their shells as there is less opportunity to hide amongst a crowd. With fewer students to instruct, our Sydney tutors take note of the nuances of each class and tailor sessions to meet the needs of each student.

Learning Confidence Is A Key Life Skill

It can be easy to view secondary level education as a step along the way to third level, but in truth, it is so much more than that. Our teenage and early adult years have a significant influence on how we navigate our way through life. It’s a time when we learn and practice essential skills that we rely on for the rest of our lives. Probably the most important of these skills is confidence and there is no better way to foster confidence than through learning. At Dymocks Tutoring in Sydney, we aim to help our students gain confidence in their ability to apply themselves and overcome the seemingly insurmountable. We believe that no task or subject is beyond anyone’s limits and that instead with the right mindset, guidance and perseverance, anything can be achieved.

Try A Tutoring Trial for Free

If you are looking for the best tutoring centres in Sydney, either for yourself or for your child, then be sure to get in touch with Dymocks Tutoring in Sydney to see what we can offer. We offer comprehensive tutoring for all core subjects from year six to year twelve. We would love the chance to talk through what you’re looking for and source one of our experienced tutors in Sydney to help. You can book a free no-obligation trial here on our website to get a sense of the level of service we operate. There’s no reason to wait, so pick up the phone or contact Dymock Tutoring online today to maximise secondary education the right way.

Talk to us about tutoring today!

One of the key differences that ensure our student achieve better grades is the feedback system that we have in place. We check in with students weekly to learn about their experiences and outcomes through our student feedback survey. This is necessary so that our teaching staff can adapt accordingly and make changes that will help improve grades and see a real difference in your marks.

This mutually beneficial relationship is a core reason why we succeed and can help you achieve the kind of grades and outcomes that you want. So, if you are exploring tutoring centres in Sydney, reach out to the team here at Dymocks Tutoring to learn how you can benefit and how accessible our tutoring is. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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